Thank you for visiting. I assume that you are reading this because you saw the job we advertised. We use this format on the web to answer some of your early questions and to save us both a lot of time. 
You get to learn more about the role and what is required, and the rewards. 
And we save time by not having to read lots of CV's, and arranging interviews with people not suitable. 
Please read the following carefully, and take time to explore our website so you know more about us before contacting us. 

  PPL Projects is a consortium of several of Australia's leading property developers, with a small showroom/office in Singapore on Orchard Road, where we sell our own projects.

The opportunity: 

This is a great opportunity to have access to some of Australia's best real estate projects for years to come, as there is a strong pipeline of projects available now and in the future.

You will be able to set your own hours, use your own systems without the risk or the overhead, and with all projects and even leads supplied! 

 Obviously, previous real estate, finance, investment  and/or sales or marketing experience is essential. 


You MUST have these qualities to work with us:

1. Experience in Real Estate, finance and or sales/marketing. 

2. Computer, telephone and email skills. 

3. Ability to follow up. 

4. A strong committed work ethic, integrity, and desire to succeed. 

5. Be organised and able to commit to to 20 hours a week.

You can apply as an individual, OR  as a property agency.

We have offices and associates in Hong Kong and all the Australian capital cities. 

  There is no hard selling whatsoever. Our clients love buying Australian property. We ONLY ever offer to our clients the best of the best projects, that are all fully researched. 

Age, religion, sex and education  is not important to us. 

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