Pellicano Group

Bricks and mortar. That’s the real start of construction. That was our beginning. In 1967, two brothers – Frank and Nunzio Pellicano, established a humble bricklaying business. And, just like the buildings we construct, we have built this business from the ground up to become a leading, national and multidisciplinary property and construction enterprise. The Pellicano Group currently owns and manages more than 190 properties, with over 290 commercial clients and has a diverse property portfolio comprising commercial, retail and bulky goods, industrial, residential, aged care and the hospitality sectors.

The award-winning family owned and managed Pellicano Group has evolved into a diverse operator in the wider property development and construction sectors, with a reputation based on an ongoing commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail.

It’s a drive that flows through each member of the Pellicano family. And, as the next generation guides the group into its next forty-five years, building continues on as Pellicano’s solid foundation.

The family business is a privately owned company with a rich history entrenched in good old family values. It’s a history that makes the family immensely proud.

With both property services and construction on offer, the Pellicano Group is a one-stop shop for design, construction, development, and asset and funds management services.

“The Pellicano name is spoken of with admiration and respect by the property industry generally and reflects the many physical examples of the quality work of the Group but, more importantly, the professional and ethical way the Group has conducted its business dealings.”

Daryl Browning, ISPT Pty Ltd

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